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Eat Kind bars? Their nutrition labels are about to change. Here's how calorie count is determined.
Why Doing More Exercise Won't Help You Burn More Calories
New Scientist
Forget the idea that to lose weight you just need to work off more calories than you consume. The truth is far weirder

How Fast Can Humans Go?
Discover Magazine
Born to run

No Sweat: Is Exercising Inside or Outside Better for You?
New Scientist
Running on the gym treadmill is tempting, especially in the cold, dark winter. But if you do, be prepared to go the extra mile

No Sweat: Does Listening to Music Make Exercise Easier?
New Scientist
Many gym bunnies live with headphones in their ears, and music can improve strength, power, and endurance. Just be careful what tunes you choose

Runner's World
Exercising when you're expecting is safe, and experts encourage it.

How Does Running Affect Your Sex Life? 
Runner's World
Research shows those daily miles help increase desire--to a point.

Six Reasons Your Doctor Needs to Know You're a Runner 
Runner's World
To get the best treatment and to keep training well, your doctor should be informed about your daily miles.

What Runners Should Know About Trying to Conceive 
Runner's World
There aren't specific mileage guidelines for women who want to get pregnant because every woman is different.

Humidity: Work With It Or Against It 
Does training in humid conditions have its benefits?

Why Are Morning Runners So Happy? 
Runner's World
Hitting the road before breakfast could affect mood.

Circuit Train Your Brain
New Scientist
Whether you need to focus for an exam, tap into your creativity, or curb cravings, there's a type of exercise that could help.

Researcher's Question Paleo Diet's Carb Restrictions
Runner's World
Article says our Paleolithic ancestors likely ate starchy carbohydrates.

Bring Your Own Carbs
Running Times
Know what is being served at your next race; you may have to bring your own fuel.
Is Compression for Competition or Running Recovery?
Scientists aren't entirely sure how--or if--compression gear works as advertised, questioning its usefulness in competition and recovery. Presenting the current state of constrictive affairs. 

Athletes, Listen Up: You Should Be Eating Fewer Carbs When Training

Put down the GU. Step away from the Sports Beans. Leave the Gatorade at home. New studies show you stand to gain athletically from skipping carbs strategically. 

Focus Makes Perfect: When To Think, And When Not To, During Sports
Scientists are discovering that what produces winners in one sport may be disastrous in others.

Science Friday posts
A collection of posts from this blog, covering everything from endorphins to nutrition and tapering.

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