I’m a competitive marathoner with a child-like obsession with holidays, baking, and the Olympics.

I ran cross-country and track in high school, but wasn’t motivated enough (or—let’s be honest—I didn't think I was good enough) to pursue it in college. But I missed racing and having goals to motivate my running, so I attempted my first marathon in 2005 as a sophomore at the University of Richmond, finishing in 4:07. The marathon bug bit me again in 2008 and I set out to qualify for Boston. That bite never went away and I kept whittling down my personal record (PR) as my dreams grew bigger and bigger. In 2012, with a 2:55 marathon PR, I started this blog and announced my biggest dream: earning a place on the Olympic Trials starting line.

On December 7, 2014, I finally justified the blog’s name, nabbing the sub-2:43 marathon I needed to qualify for the 2016 Olympic Trials. I ran the Trials on a hot February day, achieving a dream that some thought was crazy. Now, I'm continuing to blog about my journey—the highs and lows, the PRs and the injuries, the doubts and the dreams—as I focus on the 2020 Trials and a newer, crazier goal.

We all go through the same battles as we chase our dreams, and I think you’ll relate as you follow along. More than anything, my hope in starting this blog is that you’ll feel inspired yourself—whether to conquer a new race distance, aim for a Boston or Trials qualifier, or just go for a run. Don’t be afraid if your goals seem crazy; no one told that 4:07 girl she could make it to the Trials, but she did.

By day, I'm a science writer; articles I've written relating to running can be found under the Science tab. I live in Richmond, VA with my husband who home brews beer while I bake treats to make up for all the miles run.

High school XC (2001) · First marathon (2005) · Getting the standard (2014)

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