1. Race Report: California International Marathon (CIM)

"You can't go into a race not believing."

2. The Evolution of 2:42

"My first marathon was a 4:07. My twelfth was a 2:42... An oversimplified look at how my training, goals, and lifestyle changed over ten years and twelve marathons."

3. Race Report: The Olympic Trials

"Try to put one foot in front of the other, dispel thoughts of dropping out, hold on to my water bottles for miles, look forward to the sponges."

"The positivity thing was working. I really started to believe. I'm going to do it. I'm going to qualify."

5. Goals

"We need goals that scare us a little bit... goals that wake you up in the morning and push you out of bed."

"It seems the phrase 'Dream big, little one' comes on just about anything you can imagine. It's left me wondering, where are the 'Dream big, Mama' signs?"

"It's only after you tell yourself you can't that it becomes true."

"I'll let you in on one more secret... I also chose [Charlottesville] because I thought I could win."

"With two years since the Trials and two years to get back, it's time to make a plan and get after it. Here's how I approach planning a season."

"It all started thanks to a magazine, a day along the Charles, and an incredible crop of inspiring women."

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