Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Baby, It's Cold Outside

It’s really freaking cold outside. Like slap you in the face, knock you over, why am I outside? cold.

But yes, I ran yesterday. And I’ll run today. No, it wasn’t the best run ever, thank you for asking. But I’m glad I got out there. And you will too. Need some motivation? Take your pick.

For the scientifically orientated:

The more  miles I log in the cold days of January,
the faster I run my spring marathon.
Yes, it’s an n of one. Yes, I’m specifically choosing to ignore other factors that may have influenced my marathon times. But there’s a graph, and it looks nice, doesn’t it? I got out the door, so can you.

For the visual learners:

For the Resolutioners:
As per the NY Times, if you can keep your resolution through the end of January (1/3 of people don’t!), you have a good chance of keeping it. This is the hardest month, stick with it!

For the competitive types:
A reality check that might help you get out the door any day: 

And relevance to today’s post: “Someone who is colder than you is running right now.” I really shouldn’t be complaining, because I live in DC, and anyone north or west of me can tell me I’m a wimp and to get over it. (Although this wimp used to live and run in Boston, where she swore 30-degree weather was warm enough for shorts. She doesn't think that anymore.) No matter where you are, there are probably people dealing with worse. If you follow runners on Twitter, you get a good sense that everyone else is braving the elements, and coming back to Instagram photos of themselves with icicle beards.

For the marathoners:
Days until LA: 53
Days until Boston: 81
Days until London: 87
Don’t waste them!

For the appearance driven:
I can’t give you a countdown until beach season officially starts, but I do know that stores have spring lines and bikinis out. Seriously.

For the Southern Hemisphere types:
Screw you. Let’s talk again in July.

Bundle up and get after it! (Safely of course, I’m not talking about running in ice storms here.)

Dream big and stay warm,

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  1. Just like running in the heat helps with heat tolerance, does running in the cold help you with temperature regulation in the other direction?