Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Welcome Back

Dear Readers,
I’ve missed you. Sorry it has been a while. Life got a little crazy for a minute there; I got married (that’s Mrs. RunnerTeal to you!), honeymooned, and moved to Boston for an incredible internship. Running has been minimal to say the least.

After Boston, I took my usual post-marathon time off. Then, thinking I should be recovered, I went for a few short runs but I still wasn’t feeling quite right. It was as good a time as ever to give my body a break, and it was telling me it needed one. Unfortunately, I had to maintain my pre-marathon wedding dress shape, so I was forced to cross-train (which served its purpose in reminding me that I love running, not cross-training). After I got married, I let myself go. (Sorry, Husband, I’ve got you now!) I enjoyed the honeymoon like a normal person would (with an abundance of tropical drinks, great food, no running, and not a hint of guilt). But it's back to business (and blogging) now.

Mr. & Mrs. RunnerTeal.

Dear Running,
I've missed you. I wanted to start up again as soon as I got back from the honeymoon, but I had promised my body a longer break. Finally, this last week, it was time. In the few moments we’ve spent together this week, I can tell you’re punishing me for ignoring you. Sunday’s excursion was the most time we’ve spent together in a long while, but two months ago (gosh, has it really been two months??) that would have barely qualified as a date. I can tell this upsets you; I can feel it with my whole body.

I’ll have to work hard to earn your forgiveness. It seems like an impossible task at the moment, like we’ll never get back to how we used to be. But we’ve come out of worse before; I know we can pull through this, and be stronger than ever.

Dear Boston,
I’ve missed you, especially your running routes. When we parted a few years ago, I didn’t know if I’d see you again. But you kept your paths and trails just the same, waiting for my return. It was here, on these roads, that I fell in love with running and marathon training. It was here, right along this river, that I chased alongside the Trials competitors to see if I could keep up. (I’m still chasing the dream that started here.) I’m going to have to get in better shape quickly, because I can’t wait to spend more time with you.

I’ve missed you all. It’s good to be back.

Dream big,

[Photo credit: Liz Reese Photography.]


  1. Hey, lots of fun to see you are back at it -- in more ways than one! Thanks for posting the update.

  2. So glad to see my favorite blog return! Do you take topic requests? I live with a runner who is having IT band problems (that is, pain) for the first time. What's your take on how to train in an urban environment safely? Is running on hard pavement to blame? I'd love to hear more about basic, common running injuries from the scientist's point of view. THANK YOU.